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Keel Her

With Kindness CD Album

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Release Date: 14/06/2019

Discs: 1

With Kindness is a collection of Keel Her’s experiences over the past few challenging years. Her introverted, thoughtful nature is obvious within the lyrics of tracks such as ‘self-sabotage’ and her deep running empathy effects all aspects of her life, be it others’ feelings, nature or the planet.

1. No Control
2. Self-Sabotage
3. The Astral Plane
4. Complain Train
5. Life Admin
6. Not The First
7. Eyes Closed
8. Aloof
9. Empathy
10. Deadly Nightshade
11. Door Mat
12. Don't Doubt
13. Necessities
14. Song For Eddie
15. Two Thoughts
16. Seed
17. The End